Waters Instruments Presents New Zareba Perimeter Security System

Waters Instruments, Inc., has announced that the company has developed a new proprietary perimeter security system for its Zareba Systems division. The perimeter security system is designed to deter, detect, delay, assess and respond to intrusions or escapes in a wide range of applications. These applications include airports, oil refineries, remote utilities sites, high value storage sites, correctional facilities as well as other commercial or government buildings and locations.

Zareba Security customizes perimeter fence solutions that affordably meet each installation?s security requirements. Products include the Guard Tower taut wire system, the ZAP Fence non-lethal electric fence (NLEF) system, along with integrated monitoring systems and control cabinets. Zareba's patent-pending Guard Tower system can detect breaches to within 10 feet of its location. It also provides the option to integrate closed circuit cameras, directing video footage of the breach point directly to a central monitoring system.

"With over 60 years of experience in the electric fence systems industry, we are positioned to take advantage of the security market's emerging opportunity," said President and Chief Executive Officer Jerry Grabowski. "The heightened awareness of the need for greater security, from government to commercial applications, presents exciting possibilities. We are also proud to design and manufacture our perimeter security products in the U.S.A."

The Company has over two years of research and development into the Guard Tower taut wire system and has negotiated a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers. Product orders will be accepted starting in January 2005. For more information on Zareba's security system products, visit www.zarebasecurity.com.

"Our continuing goal for Waters Instruments, Inc. is to focus on strategic opportunities, including the introduction of new products and expanding into new markets," said Grabowski. "Based on years of market and product research, we believe the expansion of our products into the perimeter security systems market is a strategy that will allow us to grow our Zareba Systems division sales."

Waters Instruments, Inc. is a customer-focused, market-driven provider of value-added technology solutions from two divisions - Zareba Systems and Waters Medical Systems. A Minnesota corporation since 1960, the company's corporate headquarters is located in Minneapolis, with manufacturing facilities in Rochester and Ellendale, Minn. The corporate web site is located at www.wtrs.com.

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