Weather Station for your HiTech Home

An automatic weather station can be attached to the control panel using either wireless or RS-232 connections. Real-time weather data from an automatic weather station such as WeatherHawkTM can directly feed both a home computer - for personal weather information downloaded from WeatherHawk to a software package on a PC -and a home automation system. (Both Crestron and Lantronics offer drivers which are compatible with the WeatherHawk weather station). WeatherHawk is the most durable, versatile and easy to use automatic weather station available and can be installed in minutes. Seven sensors are fully installed and preconfigured for immediate use...

Examples of how the weather station might affect the environmental control system include;
• The solar radiation reading from the weather station can trigger the system to close window coverings at sunrise to limit UV effects on furnishing, or open and close window coverings at night making it appear the home is occupied even if no-one is there.
• The weather station outside keeps an eye on temperature extremes - no longer is it necessary to leave the heating on low when away from home, “just in case” the pipes freeze!
• Water conservation is an escalating environmental and financial concern with more and more water meters being installed in the UK. Timer based lawn irrigation controllers generally deliver “too much” water, both wasting water and encouraging expensive lawn treatment ultimately contributing to pollution. A weather station providing input to a home control system can provide ETo (evapotranspiration) information so that lawn and garden irrigation systems maximise water conservation and environmental protection, with the bonus of a lower water bill.

Because experience teaches us that weather conditions can differ between even the most closely linked geographical areas, reaction to such “local” weather conditions is clearly of optimum benefit.

For more information (including pricing) on the WeatherHawk weather station visit "

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