Weatherproof Bullet Camera
Weatherproof Bullet Camera

A very compact monochrome CCD camera. Housed in a strong, black cylindrical aluminium housing with a diameter which is less than a modern 10p coin. The camera is fully weatherproof and can safely be used in covert positions indoors and outdoors. A miniature camera bracket is included in the package.

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  • Audio Module
  • 120GB Hard Drive
  • VisionTech Black-and-White Weather-resistant Bullet Camera with 3.6 mm Lens (white housing
  • New color security cameras for your system
  • Portable Memory (various)
  • New color security cameras for your system
  • 300W ATX PSU
  • Wireless Color Video Security Camera
  • 5.25 Mega Pixel Digital Camera with Optical Zoom
  • Fixed Voltage Regulated Mains Adaptors
  • 24-Hour Real-Time/128-Hour Time-Lapse Recorder
  • Computer security background information