Weatherproof Video Security System
Heres another Supercircuits exclusive. We have put together a complete four customer security camera system for outdoor applications. It includes everything you need for a quick and easy installation. Monochrome system features 420 line resolution weatherproof CCD cameras with 0.15 lux low light rating. Color system features 380 line resolution weatherproof CCD cameras with 1 lux low light rating. Lenses on both systems are 4.3mm with 70 degree field of view. Quad processors have user friendly operation and dual video outputs for easy connection to the VCR of your choice. One free video warning sticker comes with every VSS system.
Comes with a one year warranty and complete instructions.

*(4) PC160WR Monochrome weatherproof cameras
(4) 12 volt power supplies
(4) Mini Mounting Brackets
(4) 25, 50 or 100 Foot video cables your choice- mix or match
(1) 3 Foot BNC to BNC video cable
(1) Supercircuits QS-20 monochrome quad processor
(1) MON12A 12" Monitor

  • Access Control Devices Burglar Shed Alarms
  • USB BluetoothAdaptor
  • Digital 8 Camcorder Cassette
  • Ultra Quiet 300W Power Supply
  • 9?Smoked Dome w/ 24?x 24?ceiling tile insert
  • Advanced 4 CH DVR with Network and CD/RW
  • Time Belt 390mm
  • Flexible Web Camera
  • Professional dome cameras - for work or home
  • New color security cameras for your system
  • Cable Adapter for RJ-11E Observation Systems
  • Home Security Camera Background