WideEye & InstantON!

The Power of WideEye!
XCam2 WideEye is an extremely powerful COLOR micro camera with 120° views and built-in microphone, attached to a powerful 2.4GHz wireless transmitter base that beams its signal right through walls! No line of sight limitations with XCam2 WideEye! Everything caught by this tiny camera eye is instantly simulcast to the included receiver unit (optional) that connects to your TV, VCR, or any other home electronic appliance with standard RCA inputs!

The Power of "InstantON!"
With the new XCam2 InstantON there is NO "warming-up" of the camera when it is switched on as the camera is now always on and the X10 signal is now only controlling the transmitter. Hence, the picture comes on at the correct brightness level immediately. With the regular XCam2, when switching cameras, you may notice a 1-2 second "fuzzy" or "dark" period before you get a clear picture. This is the "warming-up" period. The secret to these new cameras is that the power is separated between the camera & transmitter. This provides that the camera is always "on" so there is no warm-up period. The power gets turned on/off for the transmitter so you can easily scan between cameras!

Shown in Photo:
When switching cameras with 2 or more XCam2s (VK49A) you will need to wait about 1-2 seconds so the camera can warm-up and display a clean, bright picture (left). With the New XCam2 "InstantON," as soon as you switch cameras, you instantly see a perfect picture (right)!

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