Windows XP Home Edition (Version Upgrade) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Model: N0900050
Media Format: CD-ROM
: Number of User Reviews: 7

Reviewed by: barkrupp1 from IL on Dec 11, 2004

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Reliable, Fast, Ability to install new hardware devices

Weaknesses: None encountered.

Summary: I upgraded from Windows ME because I could not install new hardare devices (a DVD burner and a New Network card) in ME. Since the upgrade, the new hardware was installed without any problems. Also, found XP to be more reliable than ME was. I do not need to restart the system for unusal ME hangups. It is noticeably faster than ME. Another benefit is that I do not get kicked off the Internet. ME frequently did this, like about every 25 to 30 minutes. I suspect XP has better memory recovery procedures because ME would sometimes lockup due to "Insufficient Resources". I am certainly glad I switched to XP, it has been well worth it. My frustration level has gone down considerable.

Reviewed by: Aaron14 from FL on Mar 11, 2002

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Very good, speed, help and support, and so much more!

Weaknesses: None that i have eXPerience!!

Summary: I would recommend anyone with a windows that crashes, old, and bored with it to change it to WindowsXP. Its the best i have ever use. I had WindowsME pre-installed and i upgraded to WindowsXP Home Edition and it the best I have ever tried so far. I ran the test to see what problems might happen during setup and took my time to get the drivers i needed then went ahead to the upgrade. It only took about 30min. And that wasnt all...After it was done it just ask me questions(not much) and i was already impress. Before i went to XP..winME crash once a weeks and froze sometime but now it havent even crash or freeze up on me in 3 months. I would proudly recommend this to anyone. I expect evryone in the future to own this windows. Trust me, it the best windows out their. Don't listen with those who said it a nightmare because it NOT. I heard bad thing about it, but i spent $90.00 and it was well worth it. It an eXPerience you don't want to missed out on. Plese check your hardware and drivers before doing so to experience the best set-up process ever. Also turn off anything that will run in the backround as this would freeze the steup. Enjoy and goodluck. Trust me, you'll be surprise with the result!!

Reviewed by: barbosa57 from MA on Jul 21, 2003

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: Faster start up and more reliable than Windows ME. Nice new look. Hibernation mode is works well.

Weaknesses: Software capatability. My computer was having start up problems but I'm not sure if it was windows XP or another program like Mcafee Internet Security causing the problem.

Summary: At first I wasn't sure if I should upgrade to Windows XP but now I am very glad I did. My computer came with Windows ME and I always had problems with it since I first had it. Since installing Windows XP, my computer starts up much faster, hasn't locked up or become unstable like Windows ME. The con of buying this upgrade is that some of my old programs didn't work with Windows XP like my HP printer, HP digital camera (I got a free upgrade from the website), scanner , Palm pilot (also free upgrade on website). My advice would be to make sure that you could get upgrades for your software before upgrading. The great thing about Windows XP is that after you install it, it tells you which programs and hardware are not compatible and give you information (website) on how to contact the manufacture. Although at least four of my programs needed to be updated before they worked with windows XP, I still think that it was worth buying. I highly recommended this product. I have been very happy with it.

Reviewed by: zamba from MA on Nov 29, 2001

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Stability,On-line support,speed,user friendly

Weaknesses: hard to addapt to older products #HP officejet 310

Summary: The visual and audio portions of this operating system are supperior than any home version by far.powering up is faster then windows 98 and ME.Except for degree of difficultly of older products is the main fault.

Reviewed by: pcwindowsuser on Jun 21, 2003

Experience: 1 Years

Strengths: Fast, Slick GUI Interface, Improved Windows Media Player, User-friendly for all people, User Accounts feature

Weaknesses: Windows Product Activation(WPA), some old programs aren't compatible at all

Summary: I bought this upgrade of XP Home Edition the day XP debuted Oct 25, 2001. I must say the upgrade from Windows ME which I was running previously was simply easy. However, I soon found that a few programs simply won't work at all. Not to mention my modem. I had to find a driver that worked with Windows NT since no drivers for 2000 were up and luckily the NT driver worked with XP. That was hope and luck combined. A big letdown was McAfee Office software which I had installed, it simply wouldn't run at all. It was incompatible with Windows NT and it gave me a message similar to that. I looked for product updates on Office and nothing. This software I paid $60 a month ago before purchasing XP. This software included VirusScan, and a load of handy utilities and tools. It was a shame to have to put this program away and loose great utilities. McAfee never put up any updates or anything. The program I've uninstalled, and reinstalled several times and IT WON'T work. Other than this, every program seems to work. Also, if running the NTFS file system with XP or even with 2000, I've noticed much LESS fragments total. I don't recall previous versions of Windows Media Player enabling you to copy tracks from an audio cd to your computer's hard drive, XP's WMP 8.0 version lets you. It's real handy if you want to hear some music and don't want to keep putting the disc in. The biggest drawback to this OS is Windows Product Activation.

Reviewed by: MC_Reynolds from TN on Aug 31, 2003

Experience: 5 Months

Strengths: Better User Interface (GUI enhanced). Load time for software is faster. Menu separation is interesting.

Weaknesses: XP Home Isn't for the more advanced user. Many programs will need to upgraded. Not as secure as XP Professional.

Summary: Coming from a person who started coding programs from COBOL and dos basic I've experienced a lot of change from MicroSoft. XP Home is a great operating system for the vast majority of users. It offers an easier platform to work in for the general public whose computer skills are not advanced. XP is really good for games as well and for video playback (such as DVD).

The bad side is that XP Professional is more secure even offering its own firewall protection. Newer programming tools (such as Microsoft Visual Studio.NET utilities and some Borland) require user to use either XP professional or Windows 2000 or 2000 server.

Reviewed by: gary_22 from OH on Apr 22, 2002


Strengths: None, none at all

Weaknesses: old software dosn't work

Summary: I upgraded (if thats what you want to call it) to xp and have had nothing but problems. xp is a joke, 98 or me will do you just fine

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