Wireless Covert Smoke Detector Video Security Camera
This wireless covert smoke detector camera features the new 2.4 gigahertz FM synthesized technology for a 700 range and solid video performance. Wide angle camera is pointed down at a very strategic 30 degree oblique angle, which delivers a commanding view. Also available in color and low cost wired versions. Use the new MVR8-4 super high gain receiver/antenna for up to 2500 feet plus range!

Comes with dummy smoke detector camera/transmitter, microwave
receiver, power supplies, connecting cables and 90 day manufacturers warranty.

  • LED Light Web Cam
  • Quality RJ11-E CAT5 RJ-45 cables and adapters
  • Weatherproof IR Camera
  • Ultrak High Performance Black and White Security Camera
  • 4-Camera, 24Volt AC, Power Supply
  • B & W C-mount Camera
  • Easy PC Interfacing
  • Package of Five Small (4") Spanish Security Decals
  • ribe.aspx?doy=22m5"
  • Recorder Lock Box with Built-in Fan
  • scandisk memory, dvr accessories, tapes, hard drives
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