Wireless Monochrome Hidden VCR Video Security Camera

This high quality wireless covert video camera gives you the range and performance of 2.4 gigahertz FM video transmission. A high quality hidden pinhole camera provides excellent video in a nearly undetectable concealment. Range is up to 300 feet with the included receiver. Low cost, long range, FM synthesized performance and a wide range of concealment options combine to make these among the best covert video values in the industry. They give you the peace of mind of knowing what happens while you are away. Comes with functional VCR camera/transmitter. microwave receiver, power supplies, connecting cables and 90 day warranty.Legal Warning

  • Fully functional VCR with built-in camera/ transmitter
  • 300 foot range with included receiver
  • High resolution color or monochrome camera available
  • Perfect for home use as a nanny camera

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