Wireless Power Line Video Transmitter

The S-XBOX Wireless Power Line Video Transmitter works with all standard video cameras and virtually eliminates the need for installing cables. With any standard composite video camera, the S-XBOX transmitter will send video images over a building’s existing electrical wiring and display them on a video screen. Just connect the camera to the S-XBOX transmitter and provide power from an AC outlet, plug the decoder into another AC outlet and connect to a TV, video monitor or VCR. You can use this video transmitter anywhere in your home or business with new or existing cameras, without the hassle of installing cables in ceilings or walls. The S-XBOX video transmitter is totally portable so it can be moved from one camera location to the next. The video signal is transmitted on the building’s electrical wiring to any AC outlet up to 2000 feet away. There are no wires to install, no holes to drill and no complex tuning is required. This system comes complete with the video transmitter, decoder, RCA cables and instructions. Please note that only one camera can be supported per decoder.


  • Video transmitter
  • Decoder
  • RCA cables
  • Quality video transmission without the hassle of installing cables
  • Works with all standard composite video cameras
  • Completely portable, use with different cameras or move to a different building

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