Wireless Security Infrared Camera
Wireless Security Camera
See your backyard in total darkness with this all new color wireless IR camera.
Transmits video and audio (via the included receiver) to your TV, monitor, or video recorder for live monitoring or playback later.
12 powerful IR illuminators keep the picture clear up to 30 feet away in total darkness.
Camera requires 12 VDC power. (AC adaptor included)

  • Color in daylight .5 LUX
  • Night Vision After Dark 0.00 LUX
  • 12 Volt Power Supply
  • Mounting Bracket

See in TOTAL darkness with this Day True Color / Night 0.00 LUX Black & White infrared camera.

Fixed IRIS 6mm lens for wide angle viewing - see chart below

12 Super Power LEDs - Assists the image sensor in pitch black circumstances. Lets you see up to 30 feet in complete darkness. The Infrared LEDs are invisible to the human eye but are VERY visible to the camera.

400TV Lines of Resolution - more lines of resolution than your TV at home! The clear infrared image will amaze you. Unlike CMOS image sensors, you will have a better chance of getting the details of people and vehicles that police need for prosecution!

Aircraft Aluminum Housing tough as nails. Virtually indestructible, the metal housing protects your investment for years to come.

What kind of view can I expect to get out of this cam?

Good question. The following example is a pretty good indication of the field of view this is capable of. This is about the closest you will be able to see at about 150 ft. This particular cam has a 6mm lens. See example below.


View from top of building looking down on parking lot. Estimated distance of 150 feet.

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