Wireless Solarcam
Wireless Solarcam

- Solar panel, camera and PIR all in one
- Completely wirefree and easy to install
- Solar powered rechargeable battery for 24hr surveillance
- Up to 75m transmission range in free space
- Built in light and buzzer facility
- 78dregree camera viewing angle
- Remote to manually activate system if you hear a sound
- Black and white, which works in low light levels down to 0.5lux

Turn your TV into an effective surveillance system.
The SolarCam is designed to economically provide safety, security and convenience to your home and business, protecting access to the property from the front door, garden to driveway. The solar panel, during daylight hours, collects light, converting it into electrical energy. Stored within an internal rechargeable battery, the energy will provide uninterrupted service during the night.
Simply plug in and play!

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