Wireless video surveillance system
THE Dindima Group has released the Minder System for the protection of vacant properties, building sites and restricted access areas.

The primary advantage of the system is the ease of installation, no need for power or telephone cabling.

It is entirely self contained which makes it easy to transport from one location to the next.

When the SuperSleuth Minder is installed, the passive infra-red detector monitors for any intrusion. On detection of an intrusion, the infra-red illuminators and the SuperSleuth Wise intelligent camera are powered on.

The camera analyses movements in the specified area and, on confirmation of movements, starts taking images with time and date.

It then dials out via the mobile network and sends the images to a SuperSleuth Receiver. These images can then be relayed by MMS to a mobile phone and /or emailed.

The incidence of false alarms is negligible as any alarm is first detected by the PIR based on body heat and then confirmed by video motion detection with the SuperSleuth Wise camera. If video motion is not detected, the Wise camera goes back into the sleep mode to conserve power.

Typically, the battery in the Minder System will last more than a year, but 6-monthly changeover is recommended.

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