X10 Floodcam Home Security Product Spotlight

Motion Activated Camera & Dual Floodlight! Instantly and automatically shine powerful floodlights on any intruder—humans and animals alike—whenever motion is detected! The FloodCam combines the best of X10 surveillance and motion-activation technology in one ultra-powerful solution. Outdoor motion-activated lights are an extremely effective way of deterring theft and vandalism, and the integrated wireless COLOR video camera is compatible with all other wireless X10 cameras, so it's easy to add the FloodCam to an existing surveillance setup or start one from scratch!

Motion-activated floodlights & wireless color video camera! Very simple to install! Uses "Instant-ON" technology!

The X10 Floodcam™ houses a color camera inside an outdoor floodlight fixture that is motion controlled. 2.4GHz wireless broadcasting sends camera images to television screens up to 100-feet away. Weather resistant fixture for most outdoor applications.

About X10 WTI

X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. designs, engineers, markets and sells affordable, innovative wireless systems directly to consumers and businesses. X10 products operate together to form networks for broadband and AV distribution, home and business surveillance, entertainment, home automation and security. For more information, visit us online at www.x10.com of click on 'Automate Your Home' on this page.

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