XCam Anaconda Mini Camera


The XCam Anaconda Wired Mini Camera is an extremely small color micro camera with built-in microphone, attached to a durable 60 ft. cord. Through the cable, LIVE video and audio is transmitted direct to your TV, VCR or any other home electronic appliance with standard RCA inputs. This super small and discreet unit is easily mounted almost anywhere, indoors or out. Simply turn on your TV to experience the live audio/video feed.

Keep an eye on what's important to you!
  • Great at the front door - who's knocking?
  • Keep an eye on the backyard - who's prowling around?
  • Put on over the driveway - who's checking out your car?
  • Monitor the garage - keep an eye on your valuable boat, car or equipment!
  • Use an Anaconda mini camera to keep watch over any areas where you need an extra pair of eyes
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