XCam2? Wireless Security from X-10
X10.com's new XCam2 is key to the company's vision to provide the best wireless technology possible packed into a lightweight analog video camera for under $100. Imagine the benefits of adding a color video camera to your X10 setup that weighs less than four ounces and can be mounted anywhere in a home or office.

The XCam2 Kit features the hugely successful XCam Anywhere? and includes an integrated transmitter and external power supply. Simply focus the camera on any area you wish to view and plug the receiving unit into a TV, VCR, camcorder or monitor. Now sit back and enjoy the comfort, convenience and security of a state-of-the-art solution using 2.4-Gigahertz wireless technology.

X10.com knows there are times when it would be great to be able to use the XCam2 to view what's happening at home or the office from a remote location. By purchasing the XRay Vision? accessory kit which includes a USB converter, X10.com customers are once again able to reach beyond their desktop PC's to capture and view images via the Internet using their new XCam2.

"Look, while the other camera vendors are racing to win a stale and boring category, X10.com is in the middle of a wireless revolution and releasing already our third generation color video camera using 2.4-Gigahertz technology," said Alex Peder, President, X10.com. "The leading camera vendors are all about limited function USB Cams- a market stalled by the shackles typically associated with the best-selling models. We are headed in a completely different direction. One that we think will lead to X10.com becoming the undisputed King in bringing cutting-edge wireless camera technology direct to the customer via the Internet at a greater value dollar for dollar than any other vendor, period."

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