Advanced security and home control at your fingertips
Safewatch? iCenter? from ADT puts advanced security and home control at your fingertips. Seems like everyday life gets more complicated. Errands. Soccer practice. Work demands. And that's all on top of trying to keep your family safe and make your home a secure and comfortable place to live. It's a lot to manage-unless you have an ADT security system equipped with a Safewatch iCenter touch-screen.

It's much more than a way to arm and disarm your system.
ADT's Safewatch iCenter touch-screen is a revolutionary, intuitive graphical interface. It's a home communication and control center that will simplify your life in ways you never imagined.

The Safewatch iCenter touch-screen can be programmed to interact with a wide range of lights, devices and other ADT products to give you an extra measure of control and simplicity.

Help protect your family.
One touch lets you arm or disarm your entire system. You can also independently arm or disarm individual security zones or just arm the perimeter to feel safe when your family is at home. And because the system's status is always displayed across the top of every screen, you always know what level of protection you have.

Control, comfort and safety.
Use the Safewatch iCenter touch-screen to turn interior and exterior lights on and off and light the way to safety in an emergency. You can control as many as eight different lights so you can customize the system to suit the way you live. You can also use it to open and close garage doors, all with a single touch.

Get the message.
Imagine a touch-screen that can actually improve family communication. Safewatch iCenter can by retrieving and recording messages like a telephone answering machine. Voice mailboxes for family members let you listen to, save or delete messages using the touch-screen or a remote phone. And if you don't want to be disturbed by unwanted phone calls, simply select privacy mode or call screening. You can even call to arm, disarm or check the status of your security system from anywhere in the world.*

Stay informed.
Safewatch iCenter's personalized information option lets each member of the household program the touch-screen to get their choice of headline news, business news, local weather, even sports scores and horoscopes.

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