home security Insurance


In the final analysis, home security is more than merely installing alarms about doors and windows. If you are serious about making your residence truly safe and secure -- and understanding secure in the broadest possible terms -- there are going to be a number of other steps that you want to take in regard to home protection beyond installing an alarm.

A person dedicated to properly protecting his or her home should also look to ensuring that he or she has proper insurance protection.

Theft Coverage

No matter how hard a person may try to completely secure his home from intrusion and burglary, in the final analysis no home security system is flawless. Absent moving your home to the moon, chances are the possibility will always remain that a burglar may be able to access your home despite the installation of security or alarm system.

For this reason, it is important that a diligent home owner -- or flat renter -- take the time to ensure that he or she has sufficient and proper insurance coverage, insurance that will cover loss through theft.

Generally speaking, a homeowner’s policy will include coverage for loss due to theft. A person renting will have to take the initiative to obtain a renter’s insurance policy that covers the contents of the flat and provides sufficient protection for loss due to theft.

If you have obtained this type of coverage, you need to make very certain that truly expensive items have been itemized with your agent and appended to the policy. For example, most policies will not cover the theft of expensive items of jewelry or electronic equipment is these items were not previously itemized by the policyholder and provided to the agent for the insurance company.

Damage to Premises

Unfortunately, many times when a home is burglarized, there is damage sustained to the premises, to the residence. Thus, you would be well served to make very certain that any homeowner’s insurance policy covers the costs associated with repairing damages to the premises or residence due to the intrusion by a burglar.

If you are a renter, you may find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation. Insurance that will cover damage to rental premises due to a burglary generally is not available. Therefore, you need to make certain that the terms of your lease do not hold you responsible for damages to the flat caused by the intrusion of a burglar.

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