iPAQ H6315 Pocket PC W/ Mobile Phone & Camera - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Hp (hewlett-packard)
Model: FA239A
: Number of User Reviews: 7

Reviewed by: cdjohnston from CA on Mar 23, 2005

Experience: 6 Months

Strengths: Cool that you get WiFi, Bluetooth (when it works), GSM/GPRS, Speakerphone (worthless) and an iPaq all in one

Weaknesses: Crashes, Hangs, Requires Soft reset twice daily, Hard reset weekly, poor reception, inability to change cellsites in a timely manner to avoid dropped calls

Summary: THANK THE MAKER that T-Mobile had the smarts to pull this product from their shelves. It is no longer available from T-Mobile. I was at a corporate store today to buy a phone that would work while I was at a jobsite complaining about the product. The sales person told me they are no longer allowed to sell the product. An associate that is T-Mobile sales agency told me they we pulled. Yahoo! Save some other unwitting person the agony felt here.

T-Mobile has been truly faithful in their support promises, especially after sending my second replacement (I am on number 3 now) to try to at least see if a new unit would help. It did not. Even their tech support staff acknowledge that "that is not the best phone on the market" (NO KIDDING!) I need to sing my praises to T-Mobile and their support folks.

With that said, this unit - even though it has all of the features I wanted, was a completely wasted $500 experiment.

The CPU is too slow. At 150Mhz, my older iPaq 3650 seemed like an absolute barn burner.

You can rarely pick up call-waiting calls and more often than not, you get the annoying "Operation Cannot be Completed" message when trying to pick up an incoming call.

HP/T-Mobile has been promising updates that fix this. Nowhere is it to be found. And nobody can give you an update as to when it will be available.

The camera is crappy. All photos have a blue haze no matter how you set the white balance.

The Bluetooth is a known issue whereby your headset will not rejoin when the phone wakes up out of sleep mode.

Dropped calls are a real problem. Do not plan on driving around too much with one. you will drop your calls faster than trying to pick up a hot skillet without a handle. It is sooo embarrassing to be talking like that Verizon guy "Can you hear me now".

Voicemail notifications come in when they please. Not when they are supposed to. The SMS features are spotty at best.

On the plus side, the WiFi does work if properly configured. The PDA functions work like an iPaq should - albeit slower than a 4yr old iPaq 3650.

If you find someone that has one of these up for sale, either do not buy it or use it ONLY as a very slow PDA.

Like I said - Caveat Emptor - Lost calls, lost business and a $500 experiment that went badly wrong is not for the faint of heart.

Reviewed by: garywcook from CA on Dec 2, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: Battery life. All in one functionality. Bluetooth with Windows XP seems to work ok.

Weaknesses: Hard to use as a telephone. Volume is too low. Speakerphone is horrible. Wi-Fi is flakey at best. Requires frequent reboots. Camera is worthless except in bright conditions.

Summary: (Edited December 02nd by garywcook) I have a love / hate relationship with this device.

The PDA functionality and integration into the telephone dialer is excellent. The ability to sync everything in Appointments and Contacts with Outlook also drove me to purchase it.

As a telephone, this device is really a pain. If you were a light user of cell phones, you could probably live with it but then you'd never remember how to use it!

I'd go so far as to say this unit is barely usable as a telephone. Excellent PPC by PPC standards but horrible for voice communications. First, if you let it touch your face while talking, menu's open and unwanted changes can occur. Mine switched time zones from facial contact causing me to miss an appoinment.

If you use a wired headset, the opening is protected with a rubber cover that is almost impossible to open without a stylus or fingernails. You certainly aren't going to plug in the headset quickly to answer a call. I don't have fingernails so I'm stuck using the stylus. The headset / ear buds don't lock securely into the socket. The standard ear bud doesn't include a button to answer calls so you fumble a bit trying to answer calls. I ordered one from a reseller that has this function. Voice dialing should be standard but it isn't. I tested the Microsoft software but it didn't work reliably. Functions such as turning on the speakerphone during a call require the use of the stylus. Ringer volume is way is too low. Vibrator hardly vibrates. It constantly locks up just like my Toshiba E740 Pocket PC.

The keyboard is worthless to me. You can't reliably attach and detach it without a reboot. It also doesn't fit into the recharge cradle with the keyboard attached for two reasons. First it's too big. Second, there's no way to sync, charge, or externally power it with the keyboad attached! No external or passthrough connector. That's really strange.

On the positive side, battery life is excellent compared to the Toshiba E740.

So don't buy it if you are a cell phone junkie.

Email works almost flawlessly. You can have multiple POP email accounts with different reply addresses. This was important to me. It was not supported on the new Blackberry 7100t. They have a single reply address for multiple accounts. There seems to be a flaw in the MMS. Messages won't clear. SMS and email are not a problem.

Web browsing.. barely usable over GPRS. Too slow.

Wi-Fi.. Typical difficult to configure. I was unable to get it to work with 128 WEP / Shared Key on two different routers. It wouldn't connect to a Motorola and a Linksys. Had to resort to open system with authorized MAC.

Reviewed by: ebw0324 from CA on Jan 28, 2005


Strengths: Wireless functionality in one device--BT, WiFi, and GPRS. Great battery life. Awesome screen.

Weaknesses: Rquires multiple resets throughout the day. Device freezes up for no reason. Difficulty launching some programs. Keyboard attachment unreliable.

Summary: I had my device for about 2 weeks before I had to take it back for a refund. And I tried to work around every glitch until I realized that this thing cost too much money to put so much effort into fixing it.

The keyboard attachment is useless. There is no telling if it will work or not when you attach it. Every other time I attached it, I had to reset the system.

I had to reset the device numerous times throughout the day. One day, I had to actually reset the device 5 times. From everything from freezing up, phone locking up, email freezing, using the keyboard.

The WiFi worked great in my home on my wireless netowrk. The GPRS email worked fine. The internet browsing on GPRS was very slow. The BT headset doesn't work right. If the screen goes to sleep, it disconnects the BT. So, you have to go through a long process to reconnect before you can use it again.

All in all, when the device worked, it was a great device. However, the problem is that it's not reliable to consistently work.

My suggestion...dont buy.

Reviewed by: connectkjw from IA on Oct 26, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Full featured

Weaknesses: Does not support Skype, Frame alignment out after 7 days had to send back for repair/Still under repair after 10 days. Had to reboot a few times a day when I had it.

Summary: HP should do much better with their debut phone. Disappointed with performance and Windows Mobile shud be upgraded to 2nd edition. No Skype. Regret Buying. HP PDAs much better. Would like to replace asap.

Reviewed by: ap_711 from GA on Oct 11, 2004

Experience: 4 Weeks

Strengths: Full featured, all in one unit. A real treat to be connected all of the time

Weaknesses: Weaknesses: Size and realiability

Device needs to be rebooted at least 4 times a day for reasons ranging from Keyboard, to phone freeze to keyboard not responding. Blue tooth is VERY scratchy.i have tried allblue tooth in market it works but few hours and goes bad or reboot again.softwere freez all the time.

Reviewed by: jko on Jan 11, 2005

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: Locked to T Mobile Unit locks up and needs software reboot quite often Company Tech on web did not disclose problems with unlocking unit. HP Support team Not helpful

Summary: I orginally purchased the unit for Mobile Sales Development
Unfortunately T Mobile will not unlock the unit unless you have a valid account for 90 days, Tried to Start Account with them. But T Mobile dosen't have Coverage in AUST.
No Account - No Go

Don't buy one - Purchase a O2 xdaIII, Much better unit and dosen't have T Mobile Policy
HP Stuffed up, this isn't just a mobile device, it's Pocket PC WITH A PHONE CONNECTION.

Reviewed by: jaffreywali from VA on Apr 24, 2005

Experience: 8 Months

Strengths: Connectivity - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN Features has it all! - Media Player, Windows compatibility, IE Browser, Phone, available software (GPS) Battery life, removable battery, SD cards

Weaknesses: A little on the bulky size (imate JAM is perfect form factor) Cheap HP finish (when compared to Treo 650 or Nokia Communicator) Original firmware was deficient (wi-fi, bluetooth, volume issues)

Summary: This is my second convergence device (the first was a Nokia Communicator) and I have to admit this is by far better. The new formware upgrade from T-Mobile has fixed all lingering problems and this is now a 'must have' device for me. There is simply no substitute for the iPaq Pocket PC!

Just like the other reviewers I was a little frustrated with the original software and was about to give up, but the breadth and depth of features kept me on the ipaq and now the new updates make this a killer product. I evaluated the Treo 650 recently and it is simply not an effective substitute for the ipaq (yet). Wi-fi AND bluetooth are a must for any convergence device today.

Many of the problems that people report with lock-ups etc. I believe are related to downloading the countess third party software out there. These are both a boon and a risk with any windows based platform.

SUMMARY: I love my ipaq and would recommend it to anyone. I carry my ipaq instead of my laptop for many business meetings.

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