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2/23: Stang-A Worm Spreads Via MSN IM

2/23: Stang-A Worm Spreads Via MSN IM
February 23, 2005

Worm_Stang.A propagates through MSN Instant Messenger. Upon execution, it drops a copy of itself as the file WINDOWSBACKUP.EXE and HEY LOOK AT MY MOMS DILDO!!.PIF in the Windows folder.

It hooks onto MSN messenger, and once the program is executed, it proceeds to search and then send a message to all contacts in MSN's MyContacts.

It sends the following message:

Look At This Hot Naked Girl

It also sends the following attachment, and saves it into the target recipient's Windows folder:

Hey look at my moms dildo!!.pif

Technical details can be found at Trend Micro page.

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