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3/1: Bagle-BE Worm a 'Medium Risk Alert'

3/1: Bagle-BE Worm a 'Medium Risk Alert'
March 1, 2005

Security vendor Trend Micro has declared a medium risk alert to control the spread of Worm_Bagle.BE, which is spreading in New Zealand and Australia. This Bagle variant propagates by mass-mailing copies of its Trojan component, which Trend Micro detects as Troj_Bagle.BE. This Trojan in turn attempts to download a copy of this worm from several Web sites.

The email message it sends out contains the following details:


Message body: (any of the following)

  • price
  • new price

    Attachment: (any of the following)


    Note that the attached file is a .ZIP copy of Troj.Bagle.BE. It contains a file named DOC_01.EXE.

    Users are advised not to open, and possibly delete emails resembling the email described.

    Technical details can be found at Trend Micro page.

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