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4/8: Cabir-J Worm Affects Symbian Phones

4/8: Cabir-J Worm Affects Symbian Phones
April 8, 2005

Cabir.J is a worm that only affects cellular phones that use the operating system Symbian 60 series. Cabir.J spreads to other Bluetooth devices that are near the affected cellphone, by sending a SIS file to them. It also monitors SMS messages and MMS messages received in the cellphone, and automatically replies to them with a MMS message that includes a copy of the worm called INFO.SIS.

MMS (Multimedia Message Service) is a method of transmitting multimedia files, such as graphics, text messages, video clips, etc. over wireless networks, using the protocol WAP.

Keep in mind that Cabir.J needs the user intervention in order to be run on the cellphone. Before the malicious file is installed, the user receives a security warning.

More information can be found at Panda Software page.

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