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6/14: Dansh.worm!irc an IRC Bot

6/14: Dansh.worm!irc an IRC Bot
June 14, 2004

W32/Dansh.worm!irc is an IRC bot that is intended to propagate via various mechanisms. Once running on the victim machine, the bot attempts to connect to a remote IRC server, and join a specific channel. Once connected, the bot is able to accept remote commands (via IRC) from the hacker(s). Such commands include:

--in order to propagate, the bot is able to scan IP ranges, looking for target machines. Vectors of propagation to these machines include:

  • poorly secured shares (targets IPC$ share)
  • MS04-011 vulnerability (CAN-2003-0533)
  • DcomRpc
  • MSSQL UDP vulnerability
  • open proxy on victim machine (http, socks)
  • download/execute remote file
  • open FTP server on victim machine

    Find out more at McAfee page.

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