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Axonix SuperView 300 (FIN65015) Video Broadcast System Price
Axonix SuperView 300 (FIN65015) Video Broadcast System

Key Features

Video Broadcast System

Data Transfer Rate
100 Mbps


PC, Mac

Package Qty.


1 Year



Product ID

More Information

The SuperView is the world's first all-in-one desktop video on-demand server. The fully featured SuperView records, stores and simultaneously streams hundreds of videos to hundreds of users across your local or Internet network. Both the 200 and 300 models include a VHS/DVD combo video player for loading VHS videotapes and DVD videodiscs onto the SuperView. Both models offer an unparalleled maximum throughput of 100Mbits per second in sustained video streaming which supports hundreds of simultaneous full screen, full motion video streams. You may also attach a camera and watch live video events as they are being recorded. All SuperView models are accessible from any computer that supports Microsoft's Media Player over either a LAN, WAN or Internet network.The SuperView 300 Desktop is designed for applications that require up to 300 hours of full screen, full motion and additional processing power to support the most demanding applications.

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