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Central Command Unveils Linux Antivirus Software

Central Command Unveils Linux Antivirus Software
April 17, 2002

Central Command has announced a new version of its Vexira anti-virus software that is targeted at Linux workstations and servers.

Vexira Antivirus for Linux uses the same virus-scanning technology found in Central Commands Windows-based Vexira products.

The file analysis technology is said to improve performance by identifying those files which may contain malicious code and setting them aside for further investigation. Files that are not deemed dangerous are sped more quickly through the virus scanner.

Additionally, up to 20 real-time virus protection modules can share virus scanning duites to further improve performance. Files are examined for viruses as they are read, written, created and executed.

Other features of Vexira Antivirus for Linux include automatic virus removal and renaming, email notifications of virus alerts, blocked access to infected files, automatic virus signature updates and custom report creation. When viruses are found, users have the option to repair, move, rename or delete infected files.

The product is targeted at both small and large organizations and works on Linux servers with Windows- or Linux-based clients. It requires an Intel 386 or higher processor, 32MB of RAM and works with various Linux Kernels from vendors including Mandrake, Red Hat and SuSE (see list).

Single workstation licenses for Vexira Antivirus for Linux start at $39.95 and server licenses start at $349.95. Both products are available now.

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