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Check Point Appliances Target Small Businesses

Check Point Appliances Target Small Businesses
October 17, 2003

Safe@Office from Check Point Software is a low-end security appliance targeted to small and medium businesses with no IT and even no technical staff available to help with installation and deployment.

Functions of the Safe@Office appliances include: stateful inspection firewall and VPN features; wizard-driven, Web-based management with preset security rules; build-in remote access capability, enabling employees to be production from home or the road; an integrated four or five-port switch, enabling a small business to share a broadband connection; build-in automated failover and ISP backup features for high reliability; and optional security service subscriptions for updating anti-virus and Web content filtering protections.

The appliances come in two model lines. The Safe@Office 100 Series, the entry-level device, supports basic firewall and remote access capability for business with five to 10 concurrent Internet users and a maximum of five remote users.

The Safe@Office 200 Series is for companies with more than five concurrent users and up to 25 remote users. Model 225 for example offers a firewall supporting 80 Mbps speeds, and VPNs of 20 Mbps speeds, for a price of $1,099. Customers have the option of buying a service from Check Point for managing the appliances.

"There are 6.9 million small businesses in the U.S. and most of them install security after something has happened," says April Fontana, product marketing manager with Check Point. "The time is ripe now for small business with no security experts anywhere in their company and very limited resources to install reliable protection."

Prices are as follows: Model 5, support five concurrent users, is $299; Model 100, supporting 10 concurrent users, is $599; Model 225, supporting 25 concurrent users, is $1,099; and Model 225U, with no limit on the number of supported users, is $1,799.

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