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Dell TIVOTRU 40-Hours Video Recorder Price
Dell TIVOTRU 40-Hours Video Recorder

Key Features

Video Recorder


HDD Recording Time
40 Hrs. Maximum


Record And Play Fetaures
Pause Live TV

Inputs / Outputs

Additional Ports
USB x 1 ? Network (RJ-45)



Product ID

More Information

Digitally record up to 40 hours of your favorite TV shows with the TiVo Series2 40 Hour Digital Video Recorder. It helps you avoid the clutter and poor quality offered by videotape. With Series2, you can record shows and save them to a hard drive, so that you can watch them whenever you are free. All recorded programs are listed on your TV screen for playback in any order. This digital video recorder is broadband-ready and is enabled for networked home entertainment. It features two integrated USB ports that provide support for a number of digital peripherals and access to exciting future services in home entertainment. It works with antenna, cable, digital cable, satellite and combinations. Now you can go ahead, answer the phone, grab a snack, or help with homework anytime. Because with the Series2 40 Hour Digital Video Recorder, you can control live TV and pick up from where you left off when you are ready.

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