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Enforcer 3.1 Bars Unsanctioned IM, P2P Access

Enforcer 3.1 Bars Unsanctioned IM, P2P Access
April 1, 2004

The latest version of Akonix System's Enforcer perimeter security software is designed to ensure that instant messaging (IM) on the job is used strictly for work.

The 3.1 version of Enforcer has been enhanced to extend to Web-based IM products such as AIM Express and ICQ to Go. This adds to the product's previous support for AIM, Microsoft's MSN, Yahoo and other IM services.

The new release also: adds filters for WinMX and OpenNapster, newer P2P protocols; extends IM and P2P blocking access across all network segments through multi-subnet support; and integrates with corporate directories to provide identification for users attempting unauthorized access to IM and P2P networks.

Protocol updates are dynamically applied to Akonix Enforcer, enabling customers to keep up with threats and eliminating downtime required by manual efforts to keep up.

Used in concert with the Akonix L7 Enterprise IM gateway, Enforcer 3.1 allows companies to manage IM use according to company policy.

"We allow customers to set authorized use policies so that IM can be managed effectively and securely," says Francis Costello, chief marketing officer of Akonix. "We are focused on helping companies take advantage of IM and not just turn it off."

Enforcer pricing starts at $1,000 for a 50-node license, and L7 Enterprise pricing starts at $4,000 for 50 IM users. A customer with 40,000 seats and a full L7 Enterprise and Enforcer solution would pay approximately $500,000.

Founded in 2001, Akonix now has 200 customers and more than 250,000 users in a range of industries including financial services, telecommunications, energy, technology, healthcare and entertainment

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