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Epson Image Authentication System (SWEUL0142) Price
Epson Image Authentication System (SWEUL0142)


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data security




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Operating System
Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 Service Pack 3 or later, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

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The Epson Image Authentication System (IAS) is a unique tool, which brings peace of mind and security to users requiring tamper-free digital images. Thanks to image editing and manipulation, the digital format provides unparalleled photo flexibility, but many law enforcement, military, insurance or quality assurance applications require photos to be preserved in their original form. That's where Epson IAS comes in. This exclusive, automatic system embeds a 'digital fingerprint' into each photo taken on an Epson digital camera as soon as the shutter is pressed. The protected photograph can then be verified at any time on a PC and the slightest change since capture can be detected (down to a single bit). The system has no effect on flexibility - images can be manipulated, viewed and printed out as before, but with IAS you can be sure that if anything has been changed, you'll know about it.

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