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Funk Software Steel-Belted Radius 4.0 - Full Version (SBTC1-V400) For PC Price
Funk Software Steel-Belted Radius 4.0 - Full Version (SBTC1-V400) For PC

Funk Software

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0029589004698 ? 029589004698 ? 29589004698

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remote management, system management





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Service / Support
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Operating System
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or later, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000

More Information

Steel-Belted Radius is an award-winning Radius server that lets you consolidate the management of all your remote users, and enhance the security of your network. By performing a powerful trio of functions - remote user authentication, authorization and accounting - Steel-Belted Radius significantly alleviates your administrative burden. Now, you won't have to set up and maintain separate authentication databases on each remote access device on your LAN. Instead, let Steel-Belted Radius validate remote user names and passwords against a central database that you can easily administer. What's more, if you're already using NT, NetWare or UNIX for your LAN authentication, you can use the same database for your remote user authentication as well. And, because Steel-Belted Radius works with the widest variety of remote access equipment and methods, it can manage users who connect via dial-up, Internet, even VPNs/tunnels. It even tracks and documents all remote access to your LAN.

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