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Internet Security Systems RealSecure Server Sensor For PC, Unix Price
Internet Security Systems RealSecure Server Sensor For PC, Unix

Internet Security Systems

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Under $1000

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access / login control, firewalls, monitoring, internet security

PC, Unix



1 device




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Service / Support
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The RealSecure Server Sensor provides broad-based detection, prevention and response for attacks and misuse directed at servers. Because the software runs directly on the server, the RealSecure Server Sensor is able to handle any network data rate, and is ideal for large numbers of systems in highly switched environments. In addition, RealSecure Server Sensor inspects network traffic at multiple points in the network stack, allowing it to monitor and act on traffic that may have been encrypted by the network. Centrally managed from the RealSecure SiteProtector management platform, RealSecure Server Sensors quickly adjust for different network needs, including user specified alerting, tuning of attack signatures, and creation of user-defined signatures. Self-installing X-Press Update product enhancements ensure that the latest network security information is available and active, and self-installing full updates enable RealSecure Server Sensor to be upgraded from one release to ano...

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