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Internet Security Systems RealSecure Workgroup Manager For PC Price
Internet Security Systems RealSecure Workgroup Manager For PC

Internet Security Systems

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access / login control, firewalls, internet utilities, management application




1 user




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Service / Support
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System Requirements

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 2000 / NT4.0

More Information

Internet Security Systems' RealSecure application is a powerful, automated, real-time intrusion protection system for computer networks and hosts. RealSecure provides unobtrusive, continuous surveillance. It intercepts and responds to security breaches and network abuse before systems are compromised. An integrated part of Internet Security Systems' SAFEsuite security management platform, RealSecure provides effective intrusion protection solutions by offering diversified sensors and management consoles. RealSecure easily adapts to any network environment, with integrated network and host based intrusion protection encompassing a variety of sensor options and a scalable, centralized management console. In addition, it enables enhanced security management without significantly affecting the performance of critical networks or systems. RealSecure Network Sensors are completely unobtrusive, monitoring network traffic by copying packets off the wire. RealSecure Server Sensors also mini...

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