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Minolta Snappy Video SnapShot (9992-075) Still-Image Capture Price
Minolta Snappy Video SnapShot (9992-075) Still-Image Capture

Key Features

Adapter Type
Still-Image Capture

Interface with Host



Analog Video Format

System Requirements

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 95


2 Years


Package Qty.


Product ID

More Information

Snappy Video Snapshot is an inexpensive digital video capture device that produces images so good, you'd think they came from a very expensive digital capture board. This digital image capture system gives you better results than any difficult-to-use (and fiendishly expensive) high-end digital camera or capture device. Snappy is the state-of-the-art in digital image capturing because of its unbeatable combination of low cost, high quality, ease-of-use and flexibility.No screwdriver, no slots... just plug Play's Snappy into the parallel port of your PC or laptop. Connect you camcorder, VCR, or any other NTSC video source. When you see the image you want through the preview window, click 'SNAP' and in 1/60th of a second, Snappy freezes the video. Moments later you'll have the highest quality video still you've ever seen captured on a PC. Then simply click 'save' to use your image in a letter, presentation, or database. Snappy is perfect for every PC application from desktop publish...

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