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PGP: Extended Encryption For Compliance

PGP: Extended Encryption For Compliance
May 10, 2005

Security software provider PGP Corp. has unveiled new security products with an extensive layer of encryption covering the whole enterprise, built to keep up with growing demands for regulatory compliance and information privacy.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based encryption pioneer called the release of its PGP Universal 2.0 software for its desktop and gateway products its most significant upgrade.

The suite offers automated key management and recovery infrastructure that covers laptop protrection, gateway e-mail security, end-to-end e-mail privacy, removable media security, IM encryption, FTP/batch transfer protection, and digital signatures.

The Universal 2.0 software also supports all major certificate and message formats, including X.509, OpenPGP, and S/MIME (define).

Conversely, the PGP Desktop software is made up of six different products: PGP Whole Disk encryption (laptops, desktops, removable media), PGP Virtual Disk encryption (files, folders), PGP Mail (automatic and transparent using PGP Universal technology), PGP Instant Messenger (for securing AOL Instant Messenger traffic), PGP Zip (file compression), and PGP Shred (permanent file deletion). PGP said its Desktop 9.0 software is available now in English, with German and Japanese versions coming soon.

The company also is offering its PGP Desktop Home 9.0. The new version is designed for home users and home businesses that use an ISP for e-mail. The package combines the same features as PGP Desktop 9.0, without PGP Whole Disk encryption.

In addition to its major upgrades, PGP took the wraps off its new PGP Command Line platform for server-to-server, batch file transfer, and FTP and a PGP Global Directory service for sharing and retrieving public keys.

The company also is bundling several of its products together for companies that want more than one aspect of PGP software.

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