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Panasonic BL-C30A Network Camera Price
Panasonic BL-C30A Network Camera

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Key Features

Network Camera

Image Sensor Type

Interface Type

Video Capture Resolution
640 x 480 ? 320 x 240 ? 160 x 120

Digital Video Capture Speed
15 frames per second

Other Features

Special Features
Auto Exposure ? Automatic White Balance ? Internal Web Server ? Send e-mail alert with image capture

Color Depth
24 Bit

Audio Support
Without Microphone



Included Accessories
Power Adapter


Product ID

More Information

Panasonic's BL-C30A Wireless Network Camera gives you a new window into the world. This wireless camera offer remote viewing of high-quality 640x480 live Video feeds. Use multiple settings and options to get the picture you want, wherever you are. It's fully UPnP Compatible, for easy Plug And Play installation. -Connects wirelessly through 802.11b or G Wireless port -Tilt/Scan tools for moving the camera vertically, with Pan/Scan tools for horizontal motion-Pan and tilt, center the image automatically or choose from 8 preset positions -Compact design with hideable lens, for added comfort and privacy -Automatically Upload images to an FTP Server or Web page -- images can be viewed by 30 users at once -Built-in thermal sensor can be programmed to Email an alert with an image attached, whenever someone gets near your Computer -Password-protection for added security -Links to other cameras, for a wider multi-angle view -Control and view your Webcam from virtually anywhere in the world - just log in to the built-i

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