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Philips DC7000 DTV Receiver Price
Philips DC7000 DTV Receiver

Key Features

Digital TV Receiver

Broadcast Type


HDD Recording Time
35 Hrs. Maximum

Programmable Timer
2 Weeks


Record And Play Fetaures
Simultaneous Record and Play ? Pause Live TV ? Simultaneous 2 Programs Recording

Instant Skip / Replay

Inputs / Outputs

Composite x 1 ? S-Video x 1 ? RF (TV) x 1

Composite x 1 ? S-Video x 1 ? RF x 1

Additional Ports
USB x 2



Product ID

More Information

The Series2 DIRECTV Digital Satellite Recorder (DSR) has the same great "TV-controlling & customization" features as past models -- plus some great new additions, such as: Be ready for future home entertainment services with two integrated USB ports. The first services are scheduled to arrive before the 2002 holiday season, stay alert for announcements regarding the new services from TiVo. Say goodbye to the clunky boxy look, the Series2 is smaller and sleeker in design..

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