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RSA Makes Mobile Security Push

RSA Makes Mobile Security Push
September 4, 2002

(, ) wants mobile phone and PDA users to have the confidence to make business transactions, not just calls and e-mails, from their mobile phones and handhelds.

To that end, the Bedford, Mass., company is poised to release RSA Mobile, authentication software that delivers one-time access codes to end users for secure entry into Web-based applications.

The product eliminates reliance on passwords by providing users with unique, one-time access codes generated at the time of log-in and delivered immediately to end-user's phone, pager, PDA or e-mail account. The user enters their User ID and PIN followed by the one-time access code to be positively authenticated.

RSA Mobile aims to cost-effectively reduce the risk of fraud, lower administration costs and enhance customer trust. But besides buttressing security, the fact that it doesn't require the purchase of new hardware will be a key selling point, analysts predict.

"With more than 200 million Short Message Service users in Europe, the product leverages a device that people already have and use," said Thomas Raschke, with the European division of research firm IDC.

RSA Mobile is designed to scale to millions of users without an army of administrators. Also, administrators can manage the entire RSA Mobile authentication environment through Web-based administration from a single point on the network.

iRevolution and Your Communications, a subsidiary of United Utilities, have done extensive testing of the technology over the past year. RSA Mobile's general release will come at the end of the month.

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