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Seagull Scientific Systems GC-107 Medium Format Camera Price
Seagull Scientific Systems GC-107 Medium Format Camera

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Key Features

Camera Type

6 x 6 cm

Other Features

Interchangeable Lenses
Not Interchangeable Lenses

Film Transport

Bulb Shutter Speed
With Bulb Shutter Speed

Mirror Lock-Up
Without Mirror Lock-Up


2.04 lb.


5.75 in.

4.02 in.

4.02 in.




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More Information

Seagull 4A-105 and 4A-107 cameras are 120 twin lens reflex cameras. Their constructions, external forms and use are basicly the same. With the ly developed top cover, it is easier to close or open the waist viewfinder and much better to provent from dust. With the fresnel lens using in the viewfinder, cameras can offer brighter and sharper field of view. The camera is equipped with an accessory - Hot Shoe so that compact flasher is able to be used during picture taking. The construction of picture - taking lens for 4A-105 camera is 3 elements in 3 groups while it is 4 elements in 3 groups for 4A-107 camera. So 4A-107 is better than 4A-105 in imaging.

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