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Sophos Small-Business Suite Fights Viruses, Spam

Sophos Small-Business Suite Fights Viruses, Spam
April 19, 2004

Workers in small to medium-sized businesses of five to 100 users face the same challenges dealing with spam and malicious mail as workers in large organizations, but they do not have access to vast IT resources to help meet those challenges.

In a recent poll answered by 3,731 small to medium-sized business users, anti-virus and anti-spam software supplier Sophos found that 80% said spam made them less productive at work, but only 28% had an anti-spam product in place.

Sophos has stepped into this breach with the announcement of the Sophos Small Business Suite. The Suite includes the Sophos PureMessage Small Business Edition, combining virus and spam protection for the email gateway, and Sophos Anti-Virus Small Business Edition, which offers desktop and server defense against the virus threat.

"Small businesses are likely to have anti-virus protection on the desktop or file server, but most of these organizations do not have gateway protection," says Korey Ferland, product marketing manager with Sophos.

The spam protection at the gateway, for instance, uses heuristics, asset tracking, campaign analysis, and checks against a database of urls used by known spammers.

"Out of the box, we are 85% effective against spam. After tweaking, it can be 98% effective," he says.

PureMessage automatically downloads the latest virus and spam protections. It filters email at the Exchange of SMTP gateway, so that neither end users nor administrators have to deal with unwanted mail. The Anti-Virus Small Business Edition provides protection for Windows and Apple Macintosh desktops.

The Sophos Control Centre allows administrators to centrally deploy Sophos Anti-Virus to new computers and configures and monitors updates via the management console.

Pricing for the Small Business Suite is set at $445 annually for up to five seats; $2,750 annually for up to 50 seats; and $5,130 annually for up to 100 seats.

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