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Symantec Beefs Up Security Appliance Line with 5400 Series

Symantec Beefs Up Security Appliance Line with 5400 Series
September 9, 2003

The Symantec Gateway Security 5400 Series of enhanced security appliances advanced the management software within the Gateway appliance line initially announced in April of 2002. The 5400 Series offers centralized policy configuration management through the Advanced Manager plug-in for Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture.

The plug-in provides secure, Web-based management for up to thousands of appliances. Central logging, alerting and reporting is available with Advanced Manager or separately with an Event Manager plug-in to Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture. Or, the appliances can be managed individually with the Web-based Symantec Gateway Management interface.

The 5400 Series also adds anti-spam protection, to reduce overhead associated with unsolicited email, and intrusion prevention, through the integration of five gated security technologies that have been shown to sop known and unknown attack types without interrupting legitimate traffic.

"We have integrated three core functions to provide intrusion prevention: full inspection firewall, protocol anomaly and signature based intrusion detection, and virus protection," says Howard Lev, group product manager for appliances with Symantec. "We have all the functions you need under one roof as a company, so we are in a better position to integrate them."

Three 5400 Series offers three models. Performance and throughput can scale from 200 Mbps through 3.5 Gbps with load balancing. High availability options include: hot standby, where a second system would take over if the primary system fails; and active high availability, where a cluster of systems operate and share the load.

Pricing for the 5400 Series range from 4,000 to $51,00 per appliance unit, based on the number of users recommended for support, on throughput performance for stateful and full inspection traffic, on VPN performance and on WAN/LAN ports and speeds. The 5400 Series appliances will be available in mid-September.

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