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Symantec Offers Enhanced Portal for Enterprises

Symantec Offers Enhanced Portal for Enterprises
April 1, 2004

Internet security products vendor Symantec has added a Secure Internet Interface to its Managed Security Services (MSS) offering. The new feature is designed to provide clients with greater visibility into their security posture and a deeper perspective on how to mitigate risks in the global threat landscape.

The Secure Internet Interface includes:

  • New summary reports on worm infections detected or suspected on devices at the client company's site
  • Scans detected by ports on devices at the client company's site
  • Information about the top critical threats being reported globally
  • Threats being detected by Symantec's Deep Site Team
  • The service history of the client site in the last 30 days (number of incidents analyzed, number that were real threats, number of severe threats), and
  • Who the top attackers of the client site are by IP address.

    An enhanced device tracking and management capability allow users to update information about their devices from the Interface, as well as modify contact priority, and view policy usage statistics. Expanded administration capabilities include the ability to define user roles and detailed permissions for stronger policy enforcement.

    "The market in the MSS space is changing," says Jonah Paransky, senior manager of security products for Symantec. "In the past, the information security administrator was the primary user of the portal. Now as security information has moved up as a business priority, we need to convey information to executives higher in the corporation, such as the auditors."

    Symantec Managed Security Services is aimed at protecting customers against emerging threats and reducing overall security risk. The 24x7 real-time service provides continuous monitoring and management, expert analysis and immediate response.

    Symantec MSS is priced per security device on a monthly basis. Prices range from $750 to $2,000 per month per device, with options for support for gigabit devices, high availability and load balancing options, firewalls, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, policy compliance and gateway-managed antivirus services.

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