Baby security and monitoring gadgets roundup
Here's a roundup of nifty gadgets we found that you can use to protect and monitor your little Harry, Barry, Larry, Garry, or Nathan Junior:


The Aiptek SecuCam Wireless Baby Monitor and Security Camera is a baby monitoring system which combines a color, 300,000 pixels wireless CMOS camera and a 1.8" TFT LCD color monitor with speaker to provide you with everything you need to keep an eye on the room when you're not there. Voice activation will notify you on the monitor when sound is detected in the room where the camera is placed, which is nice if H.I. McDonnough happens to decide you got "more 'en you can handle."



Psiloc Babycare provides more interaction with your baby monitoring solution if you have a phone running Symbian OS. This noise detection software will call your phone if noise is detected in the room the monitoring phone is placed in. A list of allowed numbers lets only you silently call and listen in on the activity in the room. Why bother paying ten dollars an hour for a babysitter when your phone can do the job better, right? (You could theoretically use this software to spy on your babysitter too, just make sure you know exactly what laws you are breaking before you try anything funny, ok?)



The Why Cry Analyzer looks like a bowlingual throwback from the 1970's, but according to the website it can tell you why your baby is crying 95% of the time. Apparently there are only five reasons why babies cry: hunger, boredom, annoyed, sleepy, and stressed. Just don't drop this thing on your baby while sampling those delicious screams, the Why Cry looks big and heavy enough to cause a skull fracture (which makes for even MORE crying.)

We see great potential for convergence of these three products into a single solution. Some talented Symbian developer out there could certainly put all of these functions into a single application and allow you to use your Nokia 3650 camera phone to look, listen, and interact with your baby. We'd write the code ourselves, but we're too busy making babies cry with our scary faces.

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