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High quality Maxtor 80GB hard disk drive. Maxtor takes reliability and data integrity to an even higher level with their Shock Protection System?(SPS) and Data Protection System (DPS), giving the user enhanced protection against both operational and non-operational shock.


  • Fast ATA/Enhanced IDE Compatible
  • Ultra ATA/133 Data Transfer Speed
  • 7200 RPM
  • 2MB Cache Buffer
  • Maxtor Shock Protection System
  • Maxtor Data Protection System

  • Li-Ion CR123 Battery
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  • Color IR Weather Proof Zoom Camera
  • Eyeball Pinhole Video Security Camera
  • Sprint 90 Min Chargr
  • High Resolution Microvideo Color Camera
  • CMOS Weatherproof Colour Camera
  • Micro Super Low Light Monochrome Video Camera
  • Color Flat Pin Hole Micro Video Camera
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