the New $20 Bill Works

While these traditional methods undoubtedly proved helpful to some, they couldn't successfully reach the vast majority of the population. Taking a cue from the entertainment industry, the United States government has been using the (probably the largest talent agency in the world) and Davie-Brown Entertainment (a product placement firm) to help spread the news. Joining notable clients -- Reebok, Cisco Systems and the NFL to name a few -- the new $20 bill has gotten some serious face-time on camera. Even a brief appearance in a popular television show can garner exposure to millions of viewers. With a guest appearance on "Wheel of Fortune" under its belt, the new $20 bill next hit the small screen on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," "Jeopardy" and "America's Funniest Home Videos." In addition to headlining hit shows, there have been packaging tie-ins with consumer products and an advertising push with some well-known companies.

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