Vanguard 44X Zoom Video Camera System Review

The Vanguard wasn't my first security camera for the house, but it was the first one that didn't suck. I was interested in setting up a home security system to watch the house while I wasn't home but didn't really want to spend a lot of money. I guess it's no surprise that the $50 junk camera I bought was lame.  It was supposedly supposed to hook up to my computer and be accessible over the Internet and technically it was.  But it was kind of like, oh is that a burglar sneaking into my house or is that the house plant... 

At the urging of my wife I decided to get something a little better. I bought a set of three Vanguard Security Video Cameras from X10 and the Vanguard Control Center Software. It came with the cables and what I needed to get everything set up. The Vanguard stuff was a huge improvement over what I had previously purchase (wish I hadn't even wasted money on the cheap stuff). For one thing, the picture on the cameras was a lot sharper (oh and it was in color) and the cameras' zoom ability allowed me to see what was going on not just in the living room but in the front yard (I set it up near a window and could remotely zoom in on the sidewalk, yard, and street). The Control Center software was a lot more sophisticated than the free thing I'd downloaded off the Internet. You can adjust the cameras and what they're looking at from your office 50 miles away (or on the other side of the world if you're traveling) if you hook everything up to the Internet which I recommend doing.

Setup of the surveillance cameras was pretty simple. I'm not much of a computer guy so I had my brother-in-law setup the software.  It didn't seem to take him too long and there wasn't much cursing so I guess it wasn't too bad. I've been using the cameras to watch over our house since Christmas (about three months) and so far everything is working without a hitch. I have no problem recommending the Vanguard system to people. In fact I really suggest you just skip to it instead of playing with the cheap toys which were ultimately a waste of money for me.