web-cam security

: : I got a problem!
: : : need to trigger recording with analog signal.
: : : how can i complete this?

: : What kind of analogue signal do you mean ?
: : Shoudl it be triggered by a voltga signal or by a switch. Or do you want it to be triggered by some sensor signal or do you want it to be sound acivated.

: : The problem van be divided to the following parts:
: : 1. Define what is the triggering signal
: : 2. Define how it can be connected to computer
: : 3. Write some software which can take this trigger signal
: : 4. Make that trigger software to control the web camera operating software

: : First we need the question 1 to be answered.
: first of all thx for help

: 1 analoginen signaali on 24v dc:t䠴ulee ohjelmoitavasta logiikasta.

24DV DC comes from the programmable logic.

General information on programmable logc outputs as I understand them:

Solid state digital outputs (transistor outputs) are generally current sourcing NPN output with 100 mA drive capacity and operation at 24V voltage (those 100 mA digital outputs ae directly compatible with DC inputs).

: 2 how can it be connected??

The signal level on the programmable logic output is not directly compatible with any PC power.
The best and safewst way to do the connection is to connect that signal to PC through some suitable isolating and signal matching component linke optocoupler or relay. The programmable logic drives the relay coil directly or optocoupler through suitable current limiting resistor (1-2 kohms). The output of the relay or optocoupler goes to the suitable PC port as if it were just a switch.

You can find information in this site how to connect switched and read their state to various PC ports. You can use joystick port directly (just connect to a joystick to replace a button).
Or with some hack you can use the parallel port or serial port.

: 3 osaan tosi niukasti ohjelmointia mm.visual basic ja v䨤n acsessi

Translation of the comment to english because this is english language discussion group:
"3. I know a little bit of visual basic and access".

Unfortunately I do not have examples using those programinf tools, because I don't use them myself.

: 4 niin no ton m䠯sasin arvata itekki

Translation: "I coudl have quessed that myself".

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