Deploying Secure 802.11 Wireless Networks with Microsoft Windows
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  • Great deployment book
    This book is a very good HOWTO book on deploying a secure wireless network.

    This book starts out with a description of the technologies used, like one of the previous reviewers has posted, it doesn't compare in contrast the two Windows authentication techniques available, but does a descent job describing the technology. You will also note that Microsoft Press didn't intend this book to be used for Evaluation or Skill Building which such comparison might be considered.

    Moving on to part II, it starts with a guide on best practices for the deployment of wireless access points, it then moves onto it's deployment guides.

    This is where this book sets itself apart from other HOWTO books that assume that you are deploying it in an large enterprise, or assume that you are going to deploy in a small office, this book gives you more choices.

    First two deployment scenarios are for large enterprise, including a case study on the Microsoft roll out of Wi-Fi, they also give you a simple small office deployment scenario with no servers. Finally at the very end of the book, there is a lab deployment scenario (ie an enterprise type deployment with the fewest servers possible).

    Also including are techniques to securing offer public, or semi-public wireless internet access on the same wireless network, without allowing them access to your network resources (other than the internet line and associated services).

    This book rounds up part III with chapters on trouble shooting wireless clients, access point and the server parts of your wireless network.

    Overall I recommend this book to anyone that needs to do an actual deployment of a wireless network, with Windows, or would like to learn the fundamentals of deploying a secure wireless network with a Windows infrastructure. I will be using this book as I deploy my companies wireless network in the coming months.

    If this book went in depth on comparing the authentication and encryption techniques I would have given it 5 stars since it would be the perfect book on deploying secure wireless network with Windows....more info

  • weak wireless book
    This is first Microsoft Press book that I can't recommend to anyone. The author is probably well versed in the technology but his ability to fully explain to the average reader is lacking. Chapter 2 should have expanded to explain the strength and weakness of each of the Authentication, Encryption, and Data Integrity processes. If you don't understand the security issues that each of these processes deals with you will be lost very quickly. Each Microsoft operating has different levels of support and setting for setting up a wireless client configuration - the book blows past this. I have found more information on the Cisco site....more info
  • excellent info for what I needed - help on 71-298
    I was studying for the 71-298, design Security for Server 2003 and needed Microsoft fast info, so gave me all info as well as a good lab to set up for a wireless lab. Great book! We be setting up the lab at home next year to get experience in the new technology.

    Needed wirless, security info.

    I am taking it this Saturday Oct 4 2003, in Maryland as a beta tester....more info

  • 802.11b Must Have!!!!
    This book completely outlines everything you need to know regarding 802.11b and how to implement it. I am a consultant and find this book extremely useful....more info