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CCTV packs five years of theoretical knowledge and nearly 20 years of the author's practical experience into over 400 pages. It discusses and explains the basic components and concepts used in CCTV today and it shows how to design a good CCTV system and complete a good installation. Explanations are simple, yet detailed.

The book contains chapters on lenses, CCD cameras, switchers, monitors, time lapse video recorders, digital compression techniques used in CCTV, multiplexers, coax and fiber cables, design and installation. It includes the latest information on digital compression techniques, and hard disk recording.

Among the valuable and practical tools offered in the book is a test chart on the inside of the backcover specifically designed for the CCTV industry. This test chart allows the reader to test many important details of a CCTV system, including resolution, color, linearity, face recognition, and bandwidth of a system.

Covers both NTSC and PAL standards
Contains numerous tables, checklists and instructions
Contains a test chart specifically designed for the CCTV industry designed to test many details of a CCTV system including resolution, color, linearity, face recognition, and bandwidth

Customer Reviews:
  • Outstanding Resource
    This is an excellent book for someone new to CCTV and who wants to know how things tick. I highly recommend this book for technicians, Security Managers and "techies".

    Vlado does an excellent job explaining some very technical aspects of complex items in a way that is easy to follow....more info

    As an engineer that is involved with ITS closed circuit television systems, "CCTV" is a great book to have on my desk. It provides me the information needed for my profession. You will find the book to be very technical, but easy to follow. The explaination of the CCTV system, from camera(s) to monitor(s), is complete and covers the most important hardware that a professional will encounter. "CCTV" helps me meet my goal to be one of the top experts of my profession. Engineers, technicians, consultants and installers involved with CCTV systems should definitely have a copy. Thank you, Mr. Damjanovski!!!...more info
  • Excellent
    This is an Excellent book. It presents a lot of useful information and is perfect for professionals with a technical background. It doesn't go too deep into the theory but it tells just you what you need to know and gives you an idea of where to look for further information. It's expensive, but it's worth the money....more info
  • It's about time
    If you are involved in the design of security CCTV systems, you would be remiss not to read this book. It clearly explains the physical and electronic science and how it relates to design theory....more info