CCTV for Security Professionals
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Product Description

CCTV for Security Professionals provides the information necessary to design the ideal CCTV system. The chapters are stand-alone sources of information on their subjects and are presented in logical sequence to guide the reader from basic principles to more complex for a complete system understanding.

In his straight-forward and informative text, Alan Matchett approaches the camera systems from the user's point of view, providing the security manager with the knowledge to discuss the system, its desired features, and the areas of design concern within the context of an organization's business model. This can prove to be invaluable when evaluating an existing system, the use and components of a given system, or in evaluating a system design proposed by a vendor.

Installers and service personnel will benefit from the functions and possibilities that are available with the various components and by gaining an understanding of their customers' needs. Newer technicians will learn how to set up the system properly, and can familiarize themselves with the technologies that go into a CCTV system.

Security equipment sales personnel will also gain a better knowledge of the customer's needs as well as learn to determine exactly what questions they should be asking the customer and what the customer's responses mean. In this manner, the book will offer invaluable tips to ensure customers get exactly what they expect in a system.

* Provides a detailed explanation of CCTV components and the technology behind analog and digital CCTV systems.
* Establishes a "common language" for security professionals, CCTV system designers and sales personnel to use as a basis for system design.
* Provides a clear explanation of the design process and design principles.

Customer Reviews:
  • The book was in good condition delivery was bad!!!
    I order the book with expedite service, the book never arrived. But at least Amazon, responded and took care of the situation. I received the book a day before I needed and was able to work my task.

    Other than the delivery problems, the book was in good conditions.

    This is only one thumb up....more info
  • Excellent review of video surveillance design and app's
    "CCTV for Security Professionals" does a great job of reviewing design and application guidelines for video surveillance. It is comprehensive, but not complex. The book is targeted to an audience familiar with video security requirements who desire practical guidelines, not detailed engineering checklists.

    "CCTV for Security Professionals" begins with older VHS tape-based analog technologies and moves through more advanced digital disk-based applications--but the real value of the book comes from a discussion of requirements for camera selection, placement, and lighting. The book is useful as an overview as well as a reference....more info
  • Really thorough & helpfull!
    It is very concise & thorough explaining the different terminologies used by different systems, pros & cons, how to plan according to the different purposes, uses, areas, locations etc.. I would highly recommend this book, for anyone to buy before planning on buying a CCTV equipment....more info