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  • Collection of Stories
    Adult full-color graphic novel. This book contains several stories, all relating to a camera.

    The first story is titled "Sense of Modesty." Apparently, a group wants to test to see if "modesty is a natural human attribute or if it's just imposed by law and religion." To test this theory, the come up with the brilliant plan to have a geeky man walk up to strange women in the street and ask to see them shirt-less and bra-less or skirt-less and panty-less for a reward of money (strange thing about that geeky guys hair; one minute it is orangish, then purplish, and then orangish again).

    The second story is titled "Three-Breasted Woman from Mars." A group wants to stage a fake Mars invasion. They use a fake space ship and a nude woman painted green and with a fake third breast. All goes wrong, cars crash, people injured, and mobs rioting. Green woman left behind, has to dangle along beneath the fake spaceship. ..

    The third story is titled "Crime and Punishment." This story involves a man with a camera that has pretended to film a red-head at a train station until he realizes that he might have gotten her in trouble with the man she was with. He follows after her until she arrives at a house. He points his camera through a window and films the woman being punished by her husband and mother-in-law.

    The fourth story is titled "the Set-Up." A rich man wants to have an X-rated video-tape made of him in bed with his wife. He has some film of her already, and so the group he visits suggests using a substitute. A woman is called in to play the part, but through a series of mistakes, a different woman, one of the film crew, ends up on the bed.

    The fifth story is titled "Ballerina." This story involves the Miss Italy beauty pageant and a rather flat-chested young woman that wants the chance to perform her talent on camera. The talent: ballerina. The girl was promised her chance, the comedian ran long, and well, it doesn't end pretty. (And why "death" is included in the list at the end).

    The sixth and last story is titled "The Ritual." While on board a plane, one of the men of the film crew over-hears an interesting conversation between a woman and a rather pale skeletal man. Apparently the woman will have to be examined due to the believe that she is a witch. The film crew man decides to film the two people involved in the conversation. The film crew man phones his crew and tells them the plan. As the woman and man are checking into a hotel, a man in a costume comes up and says "do you recognize me" (the costume involves the head of a goat or something like that and a long robe). The woman freaks out and the skeletal man states that the examination will have to be more extensive. The skeletal man and the woman walk along a canal, and the priest begins the examination right there. He tells her to strip, walk along ahead of him, and then to immerse herself into the very cold canal water.

    Overall, the book has good artwork, and silly little scenes. This book includes: exhibitism, whipping, death, and rituals....more info
  • Great spanking scene, indifferent book
    A mixed bag of stories from the horny Italian carttonist, grouped around the theme of a film company in search of senssational subjects. Stories range from the humorous to the deadly grim. One enjoyable romp has the company set up a luscious blonde employee for a bit of involuntary backdoor action, only to have the trick backfire on the (equally luscious) brunette who planned it. Manara shows atypical restraint in NOT showing the resulting assault in all its erotic glory.
    The other highlight, for me, is a scene where the crew unwittingly cause a young lady to upset her husband. He and his mother punish the offending lass with a bare bottom caning, and the crew capture the whole thing on film. This is a really protracted sequence, in which the girl is forced to raise her skirt and kiss her husband while being slashed across the bottom with the cane by his strong-armed mom. The action continues for pages, while hubby continually promises "Just one more", then changes his mind because she moved or something. After a few strokes she is made to lower her panties and the next blow falls on bare skin. And the next. And the next...
    The sight of this gorgeous gal sobbing in pain as she is compelled to kiss her man, while bending over to expose her buttocks to the next stinging smack, is very entertaining. And if she knew she was being filmed, I'm sure her humiliation would be even greater!...more info
  • Hidden Camera no es ninguna maravilla.
    Si buscas sexo explicito, no compres este libro. Si buscas un argumento apasionante o inteligente, tampoco. En Hidden Camera encontraras una serie de historias cortas con un transfondo erotico, y el excelente dibujo de Manara, pero poco mas. Basicamente se trata de las historia protagonizadas por Honey, el delicioso personaje de Milo, que trabaja para un grupo que realiza grabaciones con camara oculta, normalmente con alguna orientacion sexual, para venderlas para la television. Personalmente Me decepciono un poco....more info