The Maximum Surveillance Society: The Rise of CCTV
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The use of Closed-Circuit Television, or CCTV, has dramatically increased over the past decade, but its presence is often so subtle as to go unnoticed. Should we unthinkingly accept that increased surveillance is in the public's best interests, or does this mean that 'Big Brother' is finally watching us?

This book asks provocative questions about the rise of the maximum surveillance society. Is crime control the principal motivation behind increased surveillance or are the reasons more complex? Does surveillance violate peoples' right of privacy? Who gets surveilled and why? What are its implications for social control? Does surveillance actually reduce crime? What will developments in technology mean for the future of surveillance? What rights do individuals under surveillance have? How is the information gathered through CCTV used by the authorities?

Based on extensive fieldwork on automated surveillance in Britain over a two-year period, this book not only attempts to answer these vexing questions, but also provides a wealth of detailed information about the reasoning behind and effects of social control.
Customer Reviews:
  • the future of policing and civil liberties in america?
    This is a brilliant discussion of electronic surveillance in England, where cameras abound and few citizens pass through public space without being watched. The authors pay particular attention to race and gender issues, showing how young men, and young black men in particular, are the object of greatest suspicion. Anyone who is interested in policing or civil liberties issues would do well to pay attention to this important book. After Sept. 11, some of these once unthinkable surveillance policies may become reality in the US....more info